Vietnam Idol

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Idol show are almost in every country now a day. I have to be Vietnamese American so I’m very interested in how Vietnamese are doing with Vietnam Idol, after seeing a few clips, the concept are same, but some funnier, check it out.

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Thần Tượng Âm Nhạc: Vietnam Idol is the Vietnamese version of the British television hit show Pop Idol. The show is produced by Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV9) and the Vietnam Advertising Company (VAC). It is a talent contest to find a music artist. Vietnam Idol first season aired in 2007 with Phương Vy taking the title ahead of Ngọc Ánh. Season 2 commenced in late August, 2008 and began airing in September, following rescheduling by Ho Chi Minh City authorities. Season 2 concluded with the announcement of Quốc Thiên as the winner.

Grand Finale

The Grand Finale took place on January 14th, 2009 at Hoa Binh Theatre. The Finale included a red carpet entrance and varied performances from the Top 10 contestants. The finale also included special performances from the winner of Vietnam Idol 2007 Phương Vy, Hà Hồ, Đàm Vĩnh Hưng, Quang Dũng and a notable collaboration between the three judges. With 61% of votes, Trần Quốc Thiên was announced the winner of Vietnam Idol Season 2. Thanh Duy was runner-up with 39% of votes.


The game show has come under intense criticism alleging voting irregularities and the lack of transparency in voting procedures. Major newspapers such as Thanh Niên and Tuoi Tre ran stories about votes for a contestant being counted for another contestant though there was no hard evidence to prove the allegation and the organisers maintained that the results cannot be manipulated.[2][3] While the organizers maintain that allowing up to 500 votes per phone number and not publicly tallying votes are standard practices of all Idol shows, they have been accused of doing so to maximize profits at the expense of fairness.[4] Furthermore, there were rumors about contestants’ relationship with one of the judges and the PR manager of Vietnam Idol.[5][3] A public auditor from the Singaporean auditing firm Paul Hooi & Co. was flown in to audit the vote counting process during the Grand Finale.

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