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1 Nguoi Lac Quang

1 Nguoi Lac Quang Right Click Here – Save As

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dao nay hinh thuc co doi moi nhu cac truyen dai chia ra tap 1,2,3…
nhu the nay rat ro rang va de nho,hoan nghenh va cam on ban bien tap,neu co the,xin post them truyen dai,cam on nhieu.

Hi Admin
I’m a newbie here.
I’m very happy to found this website.
Thank you to all Anh-Chi-Em admins here.
Here is my question:
I only can download the truyen has direct links only
I canot download truyen have “… Right Click Here – Save As”. I am using Windows 7, after right click, I just see “Save Target As…” (not “Save As”)
Then left click to save, I get a very small .htm file, not .mp3 file.
Please teach me how to!
Thank in advance.

Hi Anh Chi Em Admin
Xin chi giup toi cach downlown nhung truyen co link nhu vay: Right Click Here – Save As
Cam on truoc.

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